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Small Business Cooperative Mobile Tablets

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The Small Business Cooperative "Mobile Tablets" are advanced tablets capable of operating our proprietary Point of Sale and Invoicing Software.  For more information about software, click the button below.  All mobile tablets are wrapped in military grade materials and come standard with a high definition screen protector. All mobile tablets come with high speed charger cord and wall outlet connection.

There are four mobile tablets in the Small Business Cooperative line of tablets.   Co-Op members may choose one or more types of tablets, based on the needs of their business. All mobiles come standard with Wi-Fi or optional 4/5 g sim card. Co-Op members may use the cellular carrier of their choice.  The features we discussed above apply to all of the of mobile devices below.


SBC Mobile


The Small Business Cooperative (SBC) Mobile Payments Master Tablet (MPMT) comes wrapped in military grade plastics and is fitted with a high definition screen protection. Enclosed within the tablet is a high speed credit and debit card reader designed to take all forms of electronic payments. The screen is a high definition LED? screen with battery saving smart technology.  The MPMT has both magnetic and high speed direct charging and will operate for 5-8 hours of continuous use.

The MPMT comes with Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless connection can communicate to a variety of accessories including Kitchen Printers, Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners and any other Bluetooth enabled device. The MPMT can be accessorized with a variety of battery life extenders. You may also add hand straps, shoulder straps and variety of other mounting options.  See all our accessories below. 


Desktop Point of Sale Systems



The Small Business Cooperative (SBC) Desktop Lineup includes two types of desktop point of sale systems differentiated by screen size.  The “S.B.C. Desktop Pro” screen size is 11 inches wide.  The “Desktop Elite” is 13 inches wide.  Both monitors are high definition and have stunning color quality (2160 x 1620).  All monitors are wrapped in hardened steel for maximum shock resistance.  High-definition screen protectors come preinstalled on every unit.  Both units can operate on battery backup for up to 8 hours.  Each desktop unit can connect to the internet through hardline ethernet, wi-fi or optional 4/5g Sim card.



There are many accessories that can be added to the “SBC Desktop Pro” or the “SBC Desktop Elite.  Below you will find them all.



Cash Drawer

This cash drawer is designed to work with SBC Desktop pro and elite.  When the POS system requires and employee to provide change to the customer the cash drawer will automatically open to all the employee to provide the correct change.  Cash drawers come in black or white and have a front facing slot to drop in checks without opening the drawer.  Additional, drawer inserts are available if needed.


Wireless Barcode Scanner

This wireless barcode scanner can last up to 12 hours without a charge!  The scanner comes with the charger base as depicted.  This charger can be used with all SBC Pos units including mobile devices!

receipt printer

Receipt Printer

The SBC receipt printer is a high-capacity thermal printer.  This printer can work with all SBC Pos systems.

receipt printer

Kitchen Printer

This kitchen printer works with all SBC POS systems and prints with “Impact Printing Technology.”  This means the paper is heat resistant and with withstand the rigors of the food service industry.  This printer can work with all SBC Pos systems

pin pad

Customer Facing Pin Pad  

This Pin pad, for use with our SBC Desktop units, has a full color screen, chip reader and even contactless payments like “Apple Pay.”


Label Printer

This label printer integrates with all SBC related products.  It also comes with a design suit for graphic design purposes.